Revival and a Greeting

Happy new year to those of you who didn’t have a particularly happy old one.
If you did have a good year, well, I hope that this next one is even happier.

Me? I ended 2017 exhausted after waiting for eight hours at the ER until a doctor came to see me, then another hour for blood test results. At that point I had been awake for almost twenty four hours, and I still had to stay up past midnight and drink champagne because that’s what you do – and because I kind of really like my champagne. (I don’t care if it’s the cheap overly sweet kind. It’s nice.)
So after those twenty four hours I got home and slept for a short while before waking up for another twelve hours, totaling up to thirty six hours of being awake. My brain was fried. I thought there were wolf spiders walking on me and that there were cobwebs in my eyes, which made me panic as I finally fell asleep. And I’m not usually scared of spiders. You can probably tell that I don’t do well on lack of sleep.

I do, however, get great ideas when my brain is sleep deprived and going a little mad. One such idea was to create four Tarot decks in 2018 by drawing one card a day – we are already on the third day of January and I haven’t even finished the first card. (That’s okay, though. I prefer to work in groups so I will likely catch up by drawing sixty cards in two hours or something. Just you wait until inspiration strikes.)

Another idea was to attempt the Pagan Blog Project. If you are new to the online pagan community you may not know what this is – or rather, was. The PBP was a project created by, uh… someone. I’m having trouble remembering who. It went on for a few years and you could submit your blog to a long list of participating blogs so that others could read your posts. The aim was to write something each week for an entire year that started with the letters of the alphabet. Because there are 52 weeks in a year which (just in case you didn’t know the obvious) is much more than there are letters in the alphabet, the list usually went more or less as follows:

First week: A
Second week: A
Third week: B
Fourth week: B
Fifth week: C
Sixth week: C
Seventh week: D

See the pattern?
You carried this on until the end of the year, once you’ve reached Z, the absolute end, the Armageddon of Blogging, and a new year would begin, enforcing the Great Circle of Life. *Lion King music playing in the background*

I’ve been around in the online community for about seven years now. I don’t remember exactly when, but two out of those years I have attempted the Pagan Blog Project. Back then, however, I was a kid in school who was so busy with the homework I wasn’t doing that I could never finish the Pagan Blog Project.
Then… then, it ended. The creators decided to abandon the project and move on. People stopped writing blogs that I looked forward to reading every week, anticipating articles on topics that started with each letter of the alphabet. I moved on too. I took a long break from pagan blogging around that time and only came back maybe two years ago or so, eventually taking another break and returning for good last year. Since coming back to the online community I have decided that I wanted my blog to be informative, rather than it being simply Tumblr reblogs of pretty photos. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

So, in 2018, I am going to complete the Pagan Blog Project, even if the idea of it is long dead. I don’t intend on reviving it and asking people to do the same – I simply like the outline and pattern of it. It fits the idea I have in my head of having an informative blog. But also, I’m a mess after 2017 and I need a distraction, sooo… get me talking on a topic of my choice and there is no end.

With that, expect a new post every weekend this year about various topics related to faith, spirituality, witchcraft, religions, nature, and other cool pagan stuff. Feel free to suggest what topics you’d like me to cover in the future, and when I get to that letter, I will consider it.

~ Mori


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